the ultimate man cave

As a long term singleton, I know the importance of having a space which is comfortable and that you can make your own. This is just (if not more) as important if your in a LTR, making sure you have a space that is your own helps keep you calm and have a clear mental state (plus who can say they wouldn’t LOVE a space that is just theirs and no-one else’s’?).

So how do you create your very own man cave? Badger Ales has created the perfect British outdoor shed, filled with what every man could wish for – extendable stadium seating (for watching the Rugby), surround sound, a 65 inch 4K TV, leather reclining seats PLUS fully stock Badger Ales fridges.  Check out a video of the man cave below:

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katy perry – song of the week

“’cause I’m all that you want, boy, all that you can have, boy, got me spread like a buffet, bon-a-Bon appétit, baby”

So this is a first for not only is Katy Perry’s Bon Appétit song of the week – it’s a double whammy and i’m bringing not one, but TWO songs of the week with another Katy-you-know-it’s-going-to-a-amazing-Perry’s Swish Swish.

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five steps to get over the flu

So for the past couple of weeks i’ve been battling flu / man flu / sickness / the plague – whatever you want to call it! After a while of forcing yourself to go into work (because you’ve got wayyyy to much to do to have any time off even though you look and feel like a walking zombie) you get pretty bored of the same routine; get up, go to work, come home, get back into bed at 5:30pm. So if any of you are struggling with the same mundane illness routine that I have been, here’s 5 tips to get over the flu (and to keep you entertained whilst recovering).

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