food [part three]

Third times the charm! In the third edition of the FOOD. series we look at ribs, burgers and bars!

Screen Shot 2015-02-01 at 00.35.59First is Bluu bar in Manchester’s NQ. This has been newly refurbished and looks great! I was able to go here with some friends after work and can honestly say the food and service was fantastic. To start, the food was delicious! The Black and Bluu Burger (topped with Stilton – my favourite) was gorgeous and came with salted fries and 6 different in-house sauces! If you go i definitely recommend the Chipotle sauce.

Screen Shot 2015-02-01 at 00.37.59Next up is Five Guys at the Trafford Centre. This is normally a little further than i care to adventure for food, but had rave reviews from my housemate. Now as you may (or may not) know i completed my university placement in Florida USA, so i have had Five Guys before. Over in the states it’s nothing special, and actually quite cheap! In the UK it is seen more as a premium burger joint where customisation of your burger is key. I can say that the whole experience (including queuing for 20 minutes) was good, the burger was fresh, meaty, tasted good and i enjoyed that you could choose what toppings you got on it. Overall though i felt that there was something missing and slightly overpriced. I would still recommend you give it a go, but if you’re expecting it to blow your mind i would recommend you go to a local restaurant which is probably more affordable.

Screen Shot 2015-02-01 at 00.37.10Finally on this edition of FOOD. is Cane & Grain. Now if you like ribs – this is the place for you. Located in Manchester’s Northern Quarter this rib joint offers tasty and affordable ribs. I had the BBQ style ribs which came with speciality fries and was tasty as hell. I wouldn’t recommend it as a first date, as you do end up covered in rib sauce – tasty but not overly attractive.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the FOOD. series so far. I’ll be back with some more soon. Excuse me while i go and stuff my face some more….


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