review: fifty shades of grey

Yes, this is a Fifty Shades of Grey (FSOG) post. Get over it.

This weekend i had friends visiting, and they wanted to go and see FSOG, so as i’m a good friend i let them drag me there.

Now, I haven’t read the books. I know the general story line but as a gay man, i wasn’t too interested in reading them (and i heard they were written badly).

As i was sat on the front row (yes the front row) i got see the film in all it’s glory. A little too much glory at times. The film was your basic, girl meets guy, they fall in love and then have freaky sex.

It’s not brilliant. It’s basically Twilight but swap vampires with bondage and you’re there. Jamie Dornan was good as Mr Grey (and i think the audience agreed, as when he took his shirt off, i’m pretty sure i heard a woman faint). The story line is just very dull, and really, the sex scenes aren’t anything spectacular – although the actors did a good job – it’s just not as kinky as i thought it might have been due to the hype.

One aspect of the film I LOVED was the soundtrack! The soundtrack is epic! I’ve had it on non-stop since i went to see it!

Stand out tracks:

Beyonce – Crazy In Love (2014 Remix) – Literally the sexiest song EVER

Annie Lennox – I Put A Spell On You – A REALLY good rendition of the song, and a song i wouldn’t have initially thought to have worked with this kind of movie (as i’m used to the Hocus Pocus version)

Skylar Grey – I Know You – Again a really great song! 

This album is probably the best make out/sex/coupley album i’ve heard in a long time, and can honestly say, i think every track is brilliant! (shame `about the film)

Here’s the link, it’s definately worth a listen!

Click Here 



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