coco white update

So as promised, here is an update on how the Coco White Teeth Whitening process is going.

First of all, let me know this process is not as glamorous as one might think.

When the box comes (next day delivery is always a good thing) the box contains 14 little sachets of coconut whitening oil.

After using the oil for around 1 week i have found that my mouth feels clean and healthy, and the fresh (i have used the fresh mint flavour) and my teeth do look a little whiter. As an ex-smoker i am concerned that the effects may not be as strong as other stories but only time will tell!

More on the process. So once they’ve arrived and you’ve unwrapped the box, cut the top off of one of your sachets and squeeze the inside into your mouth.

Basically the liquid substance inside feels and sort of looks like you’re putting coagulated fat in your mouth… Yes you heard me… coagulated fat.  Its a jelly thick white substance  – it doesn’t taste bad and once you have broken it up in your mouth it soon turns to oil as it’s meant to.

Swill this around for up to 15 minutes and spit and you’ll reveal your cleaner and fresher teeth.  This is recommended to be done everyday for the 14 days and continued until you get the required effect.

I’ll keep you updated on my progress.

Maybe next time i’ll be more adventurous and order a different flavour!


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