go grandad

Grandad collars are all in this Autumn, and have been a staple in my wardrobe for a couple of seasons.

Looking at the season to come i’ve listed my favourite Grandad collars below.

Starting off, simple but perfect to smarten up any caus day is ASOS Skinny Denim Shirt in Black Overdye With Grandad Collar  –  an absolute style steal at £25 (and we all know i love everything black! – All black errrthang!)

We’re off to H & M now with the H & M Henley Shirt in blue and white, perfect for the days when you want a more casual look, and may want to embody the blue stripes of a sailor boy (who doesn’t love a sailor boy outfit!). What’s better is it’s only £7.99.

You may be wondering who i’m wearing – it’s the wonderfully smart River Island Grey Textured Grandad Shirt – with short sleeves this shirt gives you multi season appeal whether its summer or winter. Again priced at £25 its a great smart staple for any seasonal wardrobe.

Finally we’re back off to ASOS for there beautifully simple, and sleekly cut ASOS Longline Long Sleeve T-Shirt With Grandad And Reverse Oil Wash (let me add that Long Line is the best thing to happen to fashion for a 6’3″ person with a long torso). The shirt is simple, clean and can be used with a blazer, a sweater or on it’s own. A true Autumn staple for only £18.

(All products are shown left to right below)

image1xxlhmprod286656_rolloverimage1xxl (1)

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