Not long now. Are you as excited as I am? (I doubt it). November 5th can’t come quick enough.

On Nov. 5th H&M will be launching their HM X BALMAIN collection.  This is the 11th designer collab that H&M has done with previous partners being, Versace, Stella McCartney and Isabel Marant. 

The collection is very strong, very clean and very me. What are my top three pieces you say? (From left to right)

  1. The Double-breasted coat at £139.99 (below left).
  2. The Jacquard-knit cotton jumper at £39.99 (below middle).
  3. The Wool jacket with shawl collar at £59.99 (below right).


Not only is the collection amazing, with simple style alongside extravagant avente garde pieces – the collaboration is relatively well priced. As you’d expect some are more expensive than others, butI wouldn’t be surprise if these key pieces sold out within hours of release.

Along side the collection, H&M and Balmain have released a music video to support the campaign. The video depicts Kendal Jenner and co-models inside a futuristic subway train as they dance battle their way through (along with various costume changes to showcase the collection). The video add that extra WOW factor to the collection and really showcases the creativity of Olivier Rousteing (Balamain’s current Head Designer).

Check out the video below. The collection releases on November 5th both online and in store, but you’ll have to be quick – everyone will be grabbing what they can!


# H M B A L M A I N A T I O N



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