h&m aw15

This month saw the release of the H&M X BALMAIN collection. Unfortunately I wasn’t one of the lucky people to stand in a line for 12 hours or grab some of the collection online (I do actually have a job) so instead I decided to treat myself to a H&M binge from the AW15 collection, here’s what I bought (from left to right).

Firstly the H&M Mens Coat in Wool Blend (Camel) which is one of the perfect coats for this season. The coat (which is a neat £79.99) is part of the David Beckham Essentials range and the key colour of AW15, camel.

Then, the H&M face mask for dry skin which is part of their new beauty range in the UK. The mask comes in at £1.99 and gives you enough for two masks, so all in all pretty good value (and mask is nice and tingly!)

Perfect for Winter (and great with the camel coat), the H&M Mens Scarf (Grey)  has one side dark grey and one side light. The quality of the scarf is also surprisingly good  – especially when you consider the scarf is only £7.99.

Finally, in my H&M binge I went for the H&M Mens Premium Quality Dark Brown Suede Leather Chelsea Boots. These are beautiful. Made with premium quality leather soles, and soft dark brown suede  – I can’t wait to struck around in these bad boys. Great at £59.99. 





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