snapchat vs. instagram stories

This week saw a step change in the way of how we use Instagram & a massive issue for the owners of Snapchat. How do they retaliate…

The platform launched their own version of “disposable media” in the form of Instagram Stories which allows the users share a photograph but for only 24 hours, where once this is complete – the image is removed from the platform – giving the viewer a snapshot into person’s life.

This form of ‘disposable media’ is arguably a direct copy of Snapchat. Snapchat was launched in 2011 and at the time had a negative stigma surrounding it (basically a new way of sexting).

After some changes in public perceptions, new features (including the aforementioned stories feature) and including advertising opportunities, plus other brand integration for news, Snapchat has become way more popular than anyone would have though (which obviously leads to copycats).

So now Instagram can now do basically the same thing as Snapchat, what does this mean for the latter? Only time will tell….

In the meantime, you can follow me on both Snapchat & Instagram just click the images below 🙂

















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2 thoughts on “snapchat vs. instagram stories

    1. I know @romandennis! It does get a little hard to track what’s going on out there. I definitely think this move by Instagram will either break Snapchat or improve it for the better. Only time will tell 👍🏼


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