new year, new room

2017 is on the horizon & instead of thinking about booze and food as I usually would do around this time of year, my mind wanders to redecorating my room (or how I will be decorating my new room when I move out in feb).

Below are the top five things I need for my 2017 room revamp and as I was making this list anyway I thought why not share it!

1 | Lampshade

Starting off simple is the one thing that you can pick up for a bargain and anyone can do. It doesnt need to fancy and it doesn’t need to break the bank – the lampshade is the easiest way to touch up a room & my current lampshade although interesting  – isn’t the best.

I’ve chosen this simplistic textured grey lampshade from Dunelm for under £10.
Shop it here.


2 | Throw

Throws can help make a room a home and turn a boring room into a more interesting one – which although grey, is why i’ve chosen a throw with a texture. This can be thrown together with existing complementing throws for a layered look!
Shop it here.


3 | Mirror

Every blogger’s dream = a giant mirror to look at themselves in and this 2 metre tall mirror from Ikea does not disappoint! Light and sturdy the mirror comes in at a reasonable £85.
Shop it here.


4 | Bedding

If you’re revamping your room – bedding is a must! It not only makes a room feel completely different but its also what you spend the most of your time in! The below is a 100% Pre-Washed Linen from La Redoute  – and could be considered pricey, but bedding is super important. Good bedding  = Good sleeping!
Shop it here.


5 | Skull

Currently obsessed with skulls, and currently obsessed with marble – so this next one is a no brainer! White marble skull decoration / paperweight perfect for shelves or windows.
Shop it here.



I’ve just realised thats a lot of grey – maybe I should add some colour? Nahhhhh … 




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