Shaving & Trimming Your Beard

Spring is on the horizon & I know what you’re thinking – should I defluff the face? When I think this, the answer is always no, and if I do decide to have a shave, I 100% regret it afterwards (I do not suit a baby face). Check out the below for more information about my routine & bearding tips.

It might be nearly spring, which should be brighter days & warmer times but does this you have to completely give up the winter hibernation look which has been keeping your face warm all winter long? Instead opt for some male grooming & sharpen up your look for the season to come. My routine mainly consists of 4 steps:

  1. Step 1 is to get a good electric beard trimmer, like this Panasonic Electric Beard Trimmer. Buy a cheap, badly designed one will only end up costing you more money & more effort in the long run.
  2. Only trimming when the hair is long enough. Most good shavers have a multi-length setting which mean you can alter the shave length without amending the head of the shaver – I prefer these but they might not be for everyone (and aren’t the best with longer beards).
  3. Stand in the shower. This might sound completely bizarre but if you’re trimming your beards, it’s going to go everywhere & be a nightmare to clean up. By standing in the shower or bath you can capture all the little hairs for quicker shaving clean up time – top tip, buy a mirror with suckers on for the shower for the best results.
  4. Shave the neck at a lower length. By doing this you can define your jawline more – add a gradient fade effect but shaving your next in horizontal lines of lowering lengths.
  5. Finish with a clean razor to tidy up the edges. Whatever the length you’ve chosen make sure you go around the edges to neaten up your look – nobody likes the “hobo look”.

Want to know more about facial hair – check out the below 👇👇👇

Beard-Facts .jpg

This post is in collaboration with Panasonic.


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