Five Steps To Get Over The Flu

So for the past couple of weeks i’ve been battling flu / man flu / sickness / the plague – whatever you want to call it! After a while of forcing yourself to go into work (because you’ve got wayyyy to much to do to have any time off even though you look and feel like a walking zombie) you get pretty bored of the same routine; get up, go to work, come home, get back into bed at 5:30pm. So if any of you are struggling with the same mundane illness routine that I have been, here’s 5 tips to get over the flu (and to keep you entertained whilst recovering).

Step One | Relax 

The most effective way to get better is to sleep the illness right off. So if you can (like on a weekend) cancel your plans (which might sound boring but do you really need to go to a bar when you’re not feeling well?) and stay at home and relax. If you can sleep – great, if not sit back, take a chill & catch up on anything Netflix bing-worthy you haven’t had time to watch – my current favourite is Thirteen Reasons Why (click here to read more). 


Step Two | Get The Right Medication 

It might sound silly, but no one likes a hero – if you’ve got flu, get some cold and sickness
tablets to either knock you out so you’re not constantly coughing whilst trying to sleep, or get medication that will help (in my case, get Strepsils to help with a throat that feels like razor blades).


Step Three | Get Fresh Air

Staying in and relaxing is important – but getting some fresh air in the lungs can do you a world of good (especially if you’ve been asleep for 48 hours!). Try a short walk to the park, or the shop – not too stressful & avoid intense physical exercise until you’re 100% (you’ll only make yourself worse).


Step Four | Eat Well

As tempting as eating junk food is when you’re sick – it’s important to get as many vitamins and minerals into your system to help the healing process. That being said – you’re poorly, treat yourself with some comfort food, just make sure you’re not over doing it. Top fruit & veg I try and make sure i’m having when i’m sick includes; oranges, cucumber, asparagus and courgette. Mix you favourite veg into a soup for a quick and easy pick-me-up.


Step Five | Drink Plenty Of Fluids

This is something I forget frequently when i’m sick, and it can be easy to do when you’re lying in bed 23 episodes deep into whatever Netflix series you’re bingeing. Make sure you’re keeping hydrated & drinking plenty of water. This is even more important if you’ve been vomiting (not a pretty topic but true!).


Remember if you’re really sick you can use the below to get some medical support from your local area. If it’s serious – don’t wait – either go and see your GP or call 111 for non-emergency help.

1 | Click to find you local GP here
2 | Click to find your local Urgent Care centre here
3 | Click to find your local hospital here


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