Katy Perry – Song Of The Week

“’cause I’m all that you want, boy, all that you can have, boy, got me spread like a buffet, bon-a-Bon appétit, baby”

So this is a first for matthewliamrice.com not only is Katy Perry’s Bon Appétit song of the week – it’s a double whammy and i’m bringing not one, but TWO songs of the week with another Katy-you-know-it’s-going-to-a-amazing-Perry’s Swish Swish.

You know her, and if you don’t – where have you been living for the last 8 or whatever years – under a dark sound proof rock?! Katy Perry rose to fame with the massively popular I Kissed A Girl and has followed up with massive hits like California Girls, Firework, Roar, Dark Horse and her latest hit Chained To The Rhythm.

That’s enough history – let’s talk new stuff. Katy has returned after her controversial political hit Chained To The Rhythm to bring us two amazing tracks. The first is Bon Appétit which in my opinion is absolutely pure genius & what Katy does best – fun themed songs with deeper / sometimes rather sexualised songs. Not heard it yet? (again have you been living under a rock?!) Scroll down to watch the music video! Pure 10/10 brava!

Next up in the Katy Perry double whammy is Swish Swish  – this little beauty features rapper Nicki Minaj – and basically add in the Minaj and it’s great in my book. But what makes this track awesome I hear you say? Well the track is a diss-track in response to Taylor Swift’s hit Bad Blood (which was totally about Perry – supposedly – but we all know it was so stop denying it!) Full of basketball references (plus points for using the word Bish in a song) and shade to all her haters (and probably one in particular) this track is a little different to the Katy sound we’re used too – however incredibly catchy & who doesn’t love a little sound refresh! Check out the audio video below and let me know what you think!



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