The Ultimate Man Cave

As a long term singleton, I know the importance of having a space which is comfortable and that you can make your own. This is just (if not more) as important if your in a LTR, making sure you have a space that is your own helps keep you calm and have a clear mental state (plus who can say they wouldn’t LOVE a space that is just theirs and no-one else’s’?).

So how do you create your very own man cave? Badger Ales has created the perfect British outdoor shed, filled with what every man could wish for – extendable stadium seating (for watching the Rugby), surround sound, a 65 inch 4K TV, leather reclining seats PLUS fully stock Badger Ales fridges.  Check out a video of the man cave below:

So you seen how it could be done – but what will you need?

1 | A Space

This could be a spare room, the basement, a garden shed – whatever! To create a man cave, you need to have a space, so once you’ve decided on this, you can get to work on making it your own.

2 | Furnishings

Depending on your budget, you can go hard or create a budget cave. Get the essentials  – chairs (ideally a recliner), a table, a rug (make it look nice) etc etc. Want to do it on a budget – head to IKEA here.

3| Tech

The MOST important thing, is to have the right tech. Suggestions? Get a good TV (with smart capabilities), internet booster/signal connecter if you’re outside, decent sound system and food/drink storage. Check out my picks below:

TV > Click Here
Internet > Click Here
Sounds System > Click Here
Food/Drink Storage > Click Here

4 | Personal Finishing Touches

The final piece to the man cave puzzle is all the finishing touches to make it YOUR man cave. Love footy – put up your teams scarf on the wall, really into Marvel – why not get some comic books framed – you get the idea.

As always let me know what you think, and how you’d create your very own man cave!

This post is in collaboration with Badger Ales.


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