So, most of you will know about the horrible event that happened recently in Manchester, UK (where I live). Without going into too much detail for those who don’t know, there was a terror attack on the 22nd of May 2017 at an Ariana Grande concert.

That’s as much detail as I’m going to talk about the attack and how it has personally affected me – because this is not the place to talk about it.

Swiftly after though, a relief appeal was set up by the Manchester Evening News (M.E.N.), to support those of the attack, there families and those affected. Later a British Red Cross One Love Manchester fund was created (which you can donate to by clicking here).

BUT what was miraculous & amazing, was the #OneLoveManchester concert create by Ariana Grande (and friends) to raise even more money to the fundraising appeal and bring Manchester together. Click here to read more about the concert.

Everyone who was originally at the Ariana concert who have automatic free entry with the general public able to buy tickets with the money going to the appeal. This amazing concert was set up by Ariana and management to help bring a divided city together and to support the affected – which in my opinion is absolutely brilliant.

Although, I wasn’t lucky enough to get tickets (even though the event was 10 minutes walk from my house!) I did by a #OneLoveManchester sweater to donate to the fund and show my support – and in true matthewliamrice.com style it’s black! Take a look at the photos below:






styled with

shoes | PUMA
Ripped Jeans | ASOS Man

Unfortunately the jumpers are no longer available to buy but you can still show your support by donating to the British Red Cross One Love Manchester Fund by clicking here.



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