Friday Feels

So today, i’ve had a lie in, I feel well rested, i’m not stressed and i’m going to London for a weekend of #funtimes…. This is not a normal Friday. Usually i’m running around like a mad man at work, trying to sort everything out for the weekend.

What’s even better, is that it’s sunny! Sorry – not sure if you heard me correctly, i’ll just repeat myself just in case …. I T ‘ S  S U N N Y ! That’s correct, here in Manchester, the sun is out (it’s been so long, I was started to forget that it was actually a real thing) – but it’s still cold AF so it’s time to grab a brand new scarf and chelsea boots….





SCARF | Zara
COAT | H&M Man
BOOTS | Dune (via Jacamo)

Anyway, i’m going to go and sort everything I need to take down to LDN (yes, I pack like i’m going on a 2 week holiday) – have an awesome weekend  ✌🏼



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