Let’s Get Mad

So recently I was lucky enough to be able to take part in something pretty special - the lookfantastic christmas campaign. The 60 second advert fits alongside lookfantastic's christmas #beautyinwonderland campaign and christmas advent calendar - all Alice In Wonderland themed of course! The advert features the famous Mad Hatter's Tea Party Scene from the … Continue reading Let’s Get Mad


The Ultimate Man Cave

As a long term singleton, I know the importance of having a space which is comfortable and that you can make your own. This is just (if not more) as important if your in a LTR, making sure you have a space that is your own helps keep you calm and have a clear mental … Continue reading The Ultimate Man Cave

Shaving & Trimming Your Beard

Spring is on the horizon & I know what you're thinking - should I defluff the face? When I think this, the answer is always no, and if I do decide to have a shave, I 100% regret it afterwards (I do not suit a baby face). Check out the below for more information about my … Continue reading Shaving & Trimming Your Beard

Valentine’s Day Fragrances

Valentine's Day is right around the corner & I know what you're thinking - it's always the same, if you're single (like me) you're out having a laugh with friends - or if you're in a relationship, you're wining & dining the other half (or preferably being wined and dined).  Whether you're looking for the perfect … Continue reading Valentine’s Day Fragrances

winter chill with asc

Winter is full of partying, festivities and social events but how do you nail the winter-chilled vibes I hear you ask? "Born in the mountains, evolved in the city" the motto of ASC, the perfect brand to nail chilled vibes. ASC have a great offering of t-shirts, hoodies, hats and sweats all available at http://www.stupidclothing.co.uk startingContinue reading winter chill with asc

in the countryside

So last weekend, myself and Fashion Mixbag went for a relaxing weekend in the countryside. Both needing a break (from the city and work) we had a "stay-cation" back in my home town, and obviously while we were relaxing we had to take some photos to show off our newest winter wardrobes. It would have been … Continue reading in the countryside

it’s a date

So what makes the perfect date night outfit? What can make you exude the confidence you (or your man) need for that first date. Whether its with a special girl or guy, here are my top tips for date night confidence. Choose the right location/activity There’s nothing worse than going on a boring first date. It is best to … Continue reading it’s a date