five steps to get over the flu

So for the past couple of weeks i’ve been battling flu / man flu / sickness / the plague – whatever you want to call it! After a while of forcing yourself to go into work (because you’ve got wayyyy to much to do to have any time off even though you look and feel like a walking zombie) you get pretty bored of the same routine; get up, go to work, come home, get back into bed at 5:30pm. So if any of you are struggling with the same mundane illness routine that I have been, here’s 5 tips to get over the flu (and to keep you entertained whilst recovering).

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valentine’s day fragrances

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner & I know what you’re thinking – it’s always the same, if you’re single (like me) you’re out having a laugh with friends – or if you’re in a relationship, you’re wining & dining the other half (or preferably being wined and dined).  Whether you’re looking for the perfect fragrance to give as a gift or to finish off your Valentine’s Day outfit check out my top mens perfume by L’Occitane.

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jax jones – song of the week

“i am not you homie, not your homie…”

This week’s song of the week (SOTW) comes from the the british DJ/producer Jax Jones.

The London based DJ rose to fame in 2014 on the Duke Dumont single – “I Got U” as a feature. 2016 saw a solo follow up “House Work” (if you havent heard House Work, where have you been? Listen to it here), but Jax Jones is back in 2017 & better than ever…

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in the nude

Okay, so this isn’t a blog post about leaked nudes but it is about how to rock nude tones this season.

After a cold and a miserable winter, it’s time to step out of the dark & stand in the light for the upcoming months of 2017. My most recent look included creams, beiges, light greys & whites to bring a brighter and lighter look (even if it was absolutely freezing).

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