Let’s Get Mad

So recently I was lucky enough to be able to take part in something pretty special - the lookfantastic christmas campaign. The 60 second advert fits alongside lookfantastic's christmas #beautyinwonderland campaign and christmas advent calendar - all Alice In Wonderland themed of course! The advert features the famous Mad Hatter's Tea Party Scene from the … Continue reading Let’s Get Mad


Shaving & Trimming Your Beard

Spring is on the horizon & I know what you're thinking - should I defluff the face? When I think this, the answer is always no, and if I do decide to have a shave, I 100% regret it afterwards (I do not suit a baby face). Check out the below for more information about my … Continue reading Shaving & Trimming Your Beard

h&m aw15

This month saw the release of the H&M X BALMAIN collection. Unfortunately I wasn't one of the lucky people to stand in a line for 12 hours or grab some of the collection online (I do actually have a job) so instead I decided to treat myself to a H&M binge from the AW15 collection, here's … Continue reading h&m aw15


Not long now. Are you as excited as I am? (I doubt it). November 5th can't come quick enough. On Nov. 5th H&M will be launching their HM X BALMAIN collection.  This is the 11th designer collab that H&M has done with previous partners being, Versace, Stella McCartney and Isabel Marant.  The collection is very strong, very … Continue reading #hmbalmaination

coco white update

So as promised, here is an update on how the Coco White Teeth Whitening process is going. First of all, let me know this process is not as glamorous as one might think. When the box comes (next day delivery is always a good thing) the box contains 14 little sachets of coconut whitening oil. … Continue reading coco white update