Hello Spotify

So i've been a massive fan of Spotify for a long time, and I love to talk about the latest and greatest songs/albums around. I've seen a lot of other bloggers create shared Spotify playlists so you can see what they're listening to. My music taste was once compared to a 13 year old girls, … Continue reading Hello Spotify


Five Steps To Get Over The Flu

So for the past couple of weeks i've been battling flu / man flu / sickness / the plague - whatever you want to call it! After a while of forcing yourself to go into work (because you've got wayyyy to much to do to have any time off even though you look and feel … Continue reading Five Steps To Get Over The Flu

in the countryside

So last weekend, myself and Fashion Mixbag went for a relaxing weekend in the countryside. Both needing a break (from the city and work) we had a "stay-cation" back in my home town, and obviously while we were relaxing we had to take some photos to show off our newest winter wardrobes. It would have been … Continue reading in the countryside

missy elliott – song of the week

She's back! Missy Elliott is back in full swing and partnering with Mr Pharrell Williams with their new single WTF (Where they from). For those of you who lived in a cave for the most of the nineties and noughties, Missy Elliott became one of the most influential (and highest paid) rappers around.  Famous for … Continue reading missy elliott – song of the week